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New Product Releases June

We released V3.2.2 to our Production and Staging Platform
1. ✅ Generative AI native Integration (GPT3/4)
2. ✅ Plugin: Grouping / Filtering / Creating components
3. ✅ Guide tab for easy access to Canva documentation for WebriQ Studio
4. ✅ Platform upgraded to Next.js 13 in TypeScript
5. ✅ Site preview inline editing allows you to edit content directly from each page section.
6. ✅ Embed studio in WebriQ Studio v3 to the site in Next.js 13 and is now accessible from the /studio route.
7. ✅ Added product bundles feature for C-Studio
8. ✅ Other bug fixes

New Product Releases May

WebriQ Studio and Visual Editing

WebriQ Studio now provides editors with a streamlined workflow to make content changes without needing to have a full mental model of exactly where that content lives within the Studio. With Visual editing, editors can click directly from their previews and jump directly to the content within WebriQ Studio.

Our goal with Visual Editing was to enable users to begin using it immediately without requiring them to restructure their content architecture and better organize digital assets. Because Visual Editing works from your front-end code, you may think that this would require inserting data on every page component to give WebriQ Studio instructions on what content to open within Studio.

To simplify the process of implementation, we have created a content management system that does not necessitate any modifications to your front-end code. We’ve introduced a new API containing the information needed for your front end to deep-link to content authored within WebriQ Studio.

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Say farewell to WordPress and use WebriQ Studio visual editing

New Product Releases March

1. Product bundles on WebriQ Studio ecommerce

In today's highly competitive e-commerce landscape, product bundling has become a crucial aspect of a successful business strategy, and companies that fail to implement it risk losing out on potential sales and revenue.

We have custom-developed product bundles in our C-Studio e-commerce application. Product bundles are fully integrated with the ECWID e-commerce platform and can be used out of the box.

READ MORE about the use of product bundles in our blog post.

2. WebriQ Studio v3 now available in our sandbox accounts

Embeddable Studio

With Studio v3, it’s possible for developers to embed the content authoring environment in any web project. That means you can get the familiar experience of the traditional CMSes where you could go to yourwebsite.com/admin to access the content backend while keeping all the benefits of a modern API-first platform. Since the Studio can be personalized with themes, logos, icons, and more, it can become a tool that really feels like it’s yours.

Better Global Search with filters for all fields

Customers that are using WebriQ Studio extensively tend to have a lot of different types of documents. Up to now, finding specific documents in large datasets has been challenging within the Studio. With the improved global search, you can now not only filter by type but apply multiple filters by any property to narrow down your search.

The improved search also allows you to leverage structured content and find all documents that reference a particular document or media asset.

NextJS 13

One of the main benefits of Next.js is that it enables server-side rendering. This means the server can generate the HTML for a page and send it to the client, rather than the client generating the HTML using JavaScript. This can improve the performance and SEO of your app.

New Product Releases February

1. Integration of GPT-3 in to WebriQ Studio

GPT-3, the third generation of OpenAI's Generative Pretrained Transformer language model, has revolutionized the way businesses create and manage content. Integrating GPT-3 into a web content management system (CMS) has become increasingly important for organizations looking to improve the efficiency and accuracy of their content creation process.

We have integrated GPT-3 at the component level. That means you will get AI suggestions for all the fields that have structured content and this for each and every component in WebriQ Studio.

The real power of the integration comes through a set of custom instructions (called PROMPTS) for GPT-3 at the component level. Each of your custom instructions can be tested through the playground. The better your instructions the better the desired output.

GPT-3 integration is available on a SANDBOX account by invite only.

READ MORE on GPT-3 and WebriQ Studio in our blog post.

2. Integrated Payments for C-Studio

Integrated Payments powered by Lightspeed is a cost-friendly, all-in-one secure solution for businesses of any size to manage payments directly from WebriQ Ecommerce control panel. Get started in minutes with no monthly or setup fees.

  • Pay 2.9% + $0.30 per online transaction. Have lower fees with your current payment provider? Contact our support team after applying to get a discount.
  • Manage all your payments and payouts, view reports and stats directly from your WebriQ Ecommerce control panel.
  • Process payments from your customers, online and in-store.
  • Secure your business with end-to-end encryption, PCI compliance, and advanced fraud protection.
  • Get supported by the WebriQ Ecommerce team.

READ MORE about ECWID integration into C-Studio on our blog post.