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Scaling Design Systems

  • 8 weeks
  • English
  • Certified Course
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Master Design Systems to take your career to the next level


Weekly live & interactive sessions with your design mentor

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Course Overview

Scaling Design Systems

Design systems are taking the product design world by storm. Many companies that work at scale are starting to invest in systems that make them more efficient, consistent, and ultimately more innovative.

This 8-week Design System course teaches students everything they need to know about the craft of creating a design system. Our flexible curriculum includes a mix of video lectures, assignments, and weekly live sessions with an expert mentor. Learn alongside an intimate group of other designers, master essential design tools and practices, get your hands on projects, and ask the important questions that will help kickstart your design system journey.

This course is designed so you can fit it into your own schedule, on your own time. You’ll leave with an in-depth understanding of creating a design system and the confidence to be an integral part of a design system team at any organization.


of design system learners are considered more attractive than their peers


Target's design system delivered a 10x increase in speed with teams a quarter of the size.

What you’ll learn

  • Fluency with the world of design systems : Learn how to talk the talk!
  • Hone your craft : Focus on only the most important and useful aspects of the latest design tools and technologies
  • Trust the process : you’ll craft your own methodology for working with design systems that can travel with you from project to project
  • Learn the rules… and when to break them : you’ll know how to balance efficiency and creativity and when to employ each
  • Speed up : learning the ins and outs of design systems will help you work faster. Design work that used to take days now takes just minutes!

Build better products, faster with Design Systems

Design systems have quickly become an essential tool for organizations large and small — from Fortune 500 companies to new, design-forward brands. In fact, many organizations today hire entire teams dedicated to building and maintaining design systems. Not only do they save time and resources, but they also help to build better products overall. In an increasingly competitive job market, knowing how to work with design systems can give you a huge advantage as a designer building your career.

Live sessions with industry leaders

  • Lenora Porter
    Week One: Introduction to Design Systems with Lenora Porter

    In your first week of the course you have the opportunity to join Miami-based Senior Product Designer, Lenora Porter, for an interactive Q&A session introducing you to Design Systems. Lenora has worked on the Design Systems at Skillshare, Heroku, and Salesforce, so you are in great hands as you kick off the course.

  • Afyia Smith
    Week Three: Documentation & Reference Websites with Afyia Smith

    Join Epic Games’ Design Manager, Afyia Smith, for an interactive session learning about documentation and reference sites during your third week of the course. Afyia specialized in digital design & design systems and also freelances at Dan Mall’s Design Systems agency, SuperFriendly.

  • Joey Banks
    Week four: Designing and Coding Components with Joey Banks

    In the fourth week of Dribbble’s Design Systems course, Joey Banks will be running a live session on Designing and Coding components, for all students. Joey is a Senior Product Designer at Webflow, focused on design systems and tooling. Since its early days, he’s been using Figma and loves creating interface kits, templates, and resources for others in the design community to use.

  • Mina Markham
    Week Five: Creativity and Deviating from the System with Mina Markham

    Join Slack’s Staff Engineer, Mina Markham for a live session in week five. Hailing from Oakland, Mina is a front-end architect, conference speaker and organizer and lover of design systems. Previously a senior engineer at Hillary for America, her work on the Pantsuit pattern library has been spotlighted in Fast Company and Communication Arts.

Bring your team! Dribbble offers group discounts for you and your team members. if you are interested in learning more about our group discounts!
Meet your mentor

Dedicated mentorship

You’re not in this alone, as part of this course you’ll be matched with a mentor from our network. Mentors are hand-picked and have at least 4 years of product design experience in reputable design forward companies. Learn from the best in the space, create alongside them, and receive weekly live & asynchronous feedback on real-world projects.

The Dribbble mentor network

About the course

Over 8 weeks, you will deep dive into Design Systems and expand your skill set in the specialized course with lessons, mentorship sessions, and career advice from some the design community’s most accomplished design systems professionals. This flexible learning experience that combines guided video and live virtual sessions, lets you learn on your terms and around your schedule.

Weekly video lessons

Each week you will get hours of high quality, guided, video content taught by CEO & Founder of SuperFriendly, Dan Mall.

Our flexible curriculum structure has been thoughtfully designed, so you don’t need to take time out of your job to learn your craft and master Design Systems. You can watch these videos and complete practice exercises in your own time, before meeting with your mentor in your live session.

Live mentorship sessions

We know that design is a subjective skill that needs hands on guidance and professional advice to master. That’s why our course includes weekly live learning sessions alongside a small group of designers from around the world. Your expert mentor will walk you and your classmates through design systems concepts and set weekly assignments, for you to get feedback on and add to your portfolio.

Live mentorship sessions
What’s Included

An immersive and interactive learning experience

Our courses are built with students’ experience in mind - proven learning principles, mentorship, community-based plus a year of Dribbble Pro; unlocking all the tools you need to transform your career.

Expert educators

You’ll learn from the best in the design systems industry; join Joey Banks, Mina Markham & Lenora Porter for live and interactive sessions.

Live mentorship

You’ll join a small group of designers for weekly live & interactive mentorship sessions. All our mentors are hand-picked and work at top design companies.


You will be awarded a signed certificate on completion of your course, and a badge to add to your Dribbble profile.

Project-based learning

We believe design systems are best learned by doing. Students will get briefs and assignments each week and receive feedback and advice.

Access to online community group

Connect, network and share your ideas with designers from all around the world in an exclusive student Slack group.

Permanent access to course material

Gain permanent access to video content, PDF worksheets, templates, and reference material to grow your career.

Connect with hiring companies

Get in front of Dribbble's vast network of hiring managers who work for the most design forward companies out there.

A Dribbble Pro subscription

With your course, you get one full year of Dribbble Pro, which allows you to showcase your work and get hired.

An immersive and interactive learning experience

Learn-by-doing with our extensive 8 week Design Systems course

Start your course & meet your classmates

Introduce yourself in the student Slack, meet your mentor, and get set-up by reviewing course material.

Dig into design problems alongside your mentor

Solve real-world design problems and engage in live expert intimate group teaching for two hours each week.

Design Systems capstone project

Showcase your Design Systems work to get a new job in Design Systems or get a promotion.

Graduate & connect with hiring managers

Gain your certificate and connect with Dribbble's vast network of hiring managers.

  • 8 weeks
  • Weekly live 2 hr mentorship
  • ~10 hrs/week time committment
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  • Week 1
    Introduction to Design Systems

    Design systems are a massive topic! You’ll establish your own definition and understanding of design systems to be used throughout the course, explore different kinds of design systems, look at examples, and start to put them into practice from the very first session.

  • Week 2
    Processes, Workflows, and Frameworks

    Building upon your new understanding of what a design system really is, you’ll assess different kinds of processes, workflows and methodologies to shape a way to work with a design system that fits you best.

  • Week 3
    Documentation & Reference Websites

    One of the most important—and difficult—ingredients in a good design system ecosystem is documentation and the places it should live. You’ll learn how to write just enough documentation, when the most natural time to document is, and where it has the tendency to be most useful.

  • Week 4
    Design System Tools: Designing and Coding Components

    The moment you’ve been waiting for: the time to design and code components! You’ll learn which features of Figma are best for design systems. You’ll also explore different programming languages and frameworks like React, Vue, PHP, Twig and more to get intimately familiar with how design systems work in code.

  • Week 5
    Creativity and Deviating from the System

    Just because you have a reusable system doesn’t mean you can’t deviate from it! After all, inventing new components and patterns is exactly how systems grow. You’ll learn where to apply new creativity and when to opt for efficiency.

  • Week 6-7
    Capstone Project

    In your final few weeks, you’ll put all your new design system knowledge to the test by working on a capstone project that stretches your ability to create a truly reusable and flexible design system!

  • Week 8
    Dribbble Graduation!

    We address your final week of the Dribbble Design System course with great pleasure. You will receive certificates and badges to display on your Dribbble and LinkedIn profiles in celebration of your newfound design system skills. You'll present your capstone project to your classmates at this last live session and become a member of the Dribbble alumni group! Upon graduation, we’ll add you to Dribbble’s public list of Design System graduates to help you get a new job in design systems or a promotion at your current organization.

Meet your instructor

Learn from the most qualified design instructor
in the industry.

Meet your instructor

Dan Mall

CEO & Founder of SuperFriendly

Dan Mall is a world-renowned and award-winning creative director, designer, teacher, coach, and speaker from Philly. He’s the founder of SuperFriendly, a design systems consultancy that coaches teams at companies like Eventbrite, Nike, Pfizer, United Airlines, Compass, and more. Dan is an enthralled husband & #girldad. He writes about design and other issues on Twitter and on his industry-recognized site,

Jeffrey Bauer
Jeffrey Bauer
from New York, NY

“This is a great opportunity to work online and in-depth with your design heroes. The instructors are world-class, the community is amazing, and we’re inspired to add to our portfolios every week. It was amazing to see the level of feedback our mentors provided... definitely gaining value from this class!”

Vasek Otrisal
Vasek Otrisal
from Prague, Czech Republic

“Live-learning/online interactive courses are the best! Dribbble picks inspiring and really helpful people to share their thoughts, experiences, and advice. If I didn’t know the speaker before the course, I usually realize that they’re someone I should know.”

Karla Muller
Karla Muller
from Brisbane, Australia

“I found that the hands-on mentorship provides transferrable skills, relevant advice, advanced knowledge, and practical experience. This course has been a valuable experience for my career. My favorite part is the small class size, exercises at the end of each lesson, and the feedback I receive from my mentor.”

Peter Rasmussen
Peter Rasmussen
from Sydney, Australia

“Dribbble courses are always incredibly informative for me. It was fascinating to hear from industry experts and gain insight into their experience. I particularly enjoy the live classes; I love how involved and accessible they are. I find it a near-perfect balance of independence and instruction.”


Simple, transparent pricing

We are transparent with our pricing and take pride in being accessible and affordable for the community. You can choose to pay upfront or in interest-free monthly instalments when enrollment opens.

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Bring your team! Dribbble offers group discounts for you and your team members. if you are interested in learning more about our group discounts!

Got a question about this course?

We are happy to answer any questions you may have. Ask us anything about the curriculum, course projects or post-graduate life.

Why Dribbble?

Biggest design community

Dribbble is where designers gain inspiration, feedback, community, and jobs and is your best resource to discover and connect with designers worldwide.

Dribbble Pro benefits

Every student will get a year of Dribbble Pro for free, allowing students access to all the tools they need to succeed in their design career, including an instant portfolio

Vast network of hiring managers

We make sure to bring your portfolio directly to our established network of active managers, making it easy for them to set up interviews and launch your career.

Frequently asked questions

When does the course start?

Dribbble’s Product Design certified course runs every quarter, with the next course slated to start soon.

How does the course work?

Dribbble’s Design Systems is for Product Designers, UI/UX Designers that want to learn in-depth design systems. Over 8 weeks, you will deep dive into Design Systems and expand your skill set in the specialized course with lessons, mentorship sessions, and career advice from some of the design community’s most accomplished design systems professionals.

Each week, there will be recorded video content to watch in your own time before attending a live, mentor session with industry experts. The weekly mentor sessions are intended to provide you more support and explanation on these topics. You’ll get expert tips, and feedback in real-time to grasp the design fundamentals.

Once you complete and graduate from the Dribbble Designs Systems course, you will receive a digitally signed certificate, along with a badge certifying completion that will live on your Dribbble portfolio. You can share your certificate and badge on your social media, like LinkedIn or your personal website.

How is this different from other courses on the market?

Our Design Systems course is a specialized course to master design systems and take your career to the next level. You’re not teaching yourself; we match you with a mentor to help support and guide you.

We focus on Figma and using code editors to apply our designs. and then show you how to implement this to create beautiful user interfaces. We’ll look at research and visual exploration, afterwards you’ll start your first project from a brief.

Keeping in mind that individuals learn differently and have questions, we offer mentor-matching in complementary lessons to the weekly video content. Mentors are there to support you and help you grow your design skills.

We have created a program that anyone can do starting out! The program consists of unique mentorship and an on-demand dual program; that way, you can fit the program into your schedule while still receiving personalized feedback and guidance.

What is the course format?

The Design Systems course is a mix of on-demand and live learning! You’ll have access to digestible tutorial videos and attend your mentor sessions prepared with any questions, and to learn more on the topics!

You’ll be matched with an expert mentor from a top design company! You’ll choose your session based on your timezone and schedule. We will give you a mentor for the time you need to make you proficient.

What skill level is required to get started?

The Design Systems course requires you to have the basics of Product Design, be knowledgeable of Figma, and understand the basics of UI Libraries. This course is for experienced designers looking to deep dive in their design system journey!

Learning Design Systems is a craft in its own right and this specialized facet of Product Design will help make your process in developing design systems more efficient, consistent, and innovative!

What are the peer/group learning opportunities in the course?

Dribbble certified courses provide students with the following opportunities:

Interactive student learning

Every week, you will interact with your classmates, receive exercises for feedback, and build on each other’s knowledge in introductory design concepts.

Exclusive student network

You can search for and connect with other students using the student Slack network! Find your study partner, co-founder, or buddy.

Group projects & mentor feedback

Finding a design mentor shouldn’t be hard. We match you with a mentor from a top design company, who will support and guide you as you grow your design skills! Throughout the program, you’ll have the opportunity to work with a small group of classmates on projects, including a final User Interface Case Study!

What kind of job can I get after the program?

The Design Systems course is to help you understand companies need to design at scale and will invest in systems that make them more efficient, consistent, and ultimately, more innovative. As an experienced designer, you can upgrade your resume with the Design Systems course learning from industry-expert, Dan Mall (CEO of Superfriendly), and learn alongside expert mentors to master Design Systems in Figma and Code!

How can I pay for the course?

For the Design Systems Course, we have 1 upfront payment option of $1999. (subject to change for any active discounts listed at checkout!)

How do I get my company to pay for me?

Would you like to take the course but need help asking your manager? Here are four talking points to help get your boss on board:

  1. 1. The course will inspire and re-energize you for your work
  2. 2. You’ll make meaningful connections with industry experts and peers
  3. 3. Discover new ideas for your product, best practices for your design team, and other valuable takeaways
  4. 4. Prepare to fill a hiring need or take on a new role internally through upskilling
  5. 5. Implement a Design System at scale that can help connect Designers, Developers, Stakeholders with clear and concise communication.
What is the refund policy if I change my mind?

Up to 2 weeks before the start of the course, you’ll get a full refund. A prorated refund may be available once the course starts. If you have to cancel for any reason, you can submit a refund request here.

You can be assured that we obsess over the quality of our learning material, and we test it all beforehand to ensure that it’s useful. Take a look at our testimonials if you need some reassurance!

What form of payment do you accept:

Dribbble accepts most major credit cards for all of our Education courses. We cannot accept ACH bank transfers, money wires, or any other payment method for our Education courses.

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